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szombat, 28 július 2012


Theodore von Kármán Wind Tunnel Lab performed the wind tunnel tests of the planned UEFA Category 4 Football Stadium to be built in Debrecen, Hungary. Wind loading was determined on the roof structure using multiple pressure measurements on the 1:150 scale wind tunnel model. Wind comfort at the seats and ventilation of the grass at the football field was another important issue. Video with English subs is here (If not shown, turn on the English captions using the CC button on the bottom of the player window):

The stadion  modell in the wind tunnel

Wind comfort was investigated by CTA wind speed measurements using the new 3D traversing system of the wind tunnel.

The video is a report of the nation-wide online news portal Index ( Thanks are due to reporters Fiantok Dániel and Kolbert András for this excellent clip. Original of this video can be seen at

(with English subtitles)

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