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hétfő, 02 június 2008


Dr. Tamás Lajos, Márton Balczó

Client: OTP Real Estate Ltd. (2007)

The Department modelled the air quality of the environment of a planned underground car park with MISKAM numerical simulation software, and made suggestions to a ventilation system which prevents further air pollution in the environment of the car park, moreover, a reduction can be expected.

The underground car park is going to be situated under a square in the city centre, surrounded with buildings from all sides and with a busy thoroughfare at the northern side (Fig. 1.). The entry and exit of the car park would also be at this side. There is a measurement station near the square where the annual averages of NOx, NO2 and PM10 concentration are significantly above the limit. The traditional, ground level emission of the polluted air produced in the car park and at the ramp would impair air quality further. To avoid it, the following suggestions were elaborated:

1. Emission of the produced polluted air above roof level, through a chimney.

2. Suction of the polluted air from the ramp to some extent, thus removing that from the square.


The efficiency of the suggestions was verified by numerical simulation. The results of the MISKAM model simulation indicate that the suggested ventilation system works well; the pollutant concentration is decreasing mostly at the square, or does not change (Fig. 2.). It was also verified that the emission through a chimney above roof level does not increase the air pollution noticeably at the square or at the facade of the surrounding buildings.

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