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hétfő, 02 június 2008

Dr. Tamás Lajos, Dr. István Goricsán, Márton Balczó

Client: Clean Air Action Group, Pataki Environmental and Public Health Ltd. (2006)

With the financial subsidy of the Clean Air Action Group, the department started using 4 licenses of the microscale flow and dispersion CFD software MISKAM in 2002. MISKAM is developed in Germany and is used Europe-wide for air quality studies in the regulatory and consulting field. The model is educated at the department, including more diploma theses in the last years. An own pre- and postprocessing program named MISKAM Data Processor is being developed, extending the WinMISKAM graphical interface. Using this, the model was firstly applied for the simulation a flow over complex terrain.

The Clean Air Action Group asked the department to investigate the pollutant dispersion of a newly installed natural gas heating of a Budapest school. The chimney is situated below the average roof height of the surrounding buildings. Simulation results (Fig. 1) showed that even the plume is exhausted below rooftop level, pollutant concentrations at the nearest windows are extremely low, due to the very low emission of the modern condensation boilers installed.


Upon charge of Pataki Ltd. we analyzed the air quality impact of a new motorway, planned to relieve Határ Street (Budapest). We investigated the air quality of the neighbouring Wekerle-settlement using MISKAM. According to the results, the versions A and B near to the existing road will cause limit exceedance in case of NW winds. At realization of the versions C and D no exceedance can be expected due to the larger protection distance (Fig. 2.).

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