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csütörtök, 19 április 2007

Measurement control and data acquisition


All the instruments and equipment are connected to the measuring Windows PC. The analogue digital I/O is driven by programs written in National Instruments Labview 6.1 or 8.0, with PCI, PCMCIA or USB interface data acquisition devices, or if the instrument has digital interface, with RS-2322 or RS-485 port. Data are mostly backed-up in ASCII files.


Measuring PCs and instruments Signal processing with NI Labview software




 Our instruments, if necessary, are regularly calibrated


Instrument Calibration
 Pressure transducers every measurement day, with Betz mikromanometer calibrated by OMH (Hungarian Trade Licensing Office)

Barometric pressure transducer

 Factory calibration
 Pt100 thermometer Factory calibration
 Hot wire anemometer (CTA) At the beginning and end of every measurement day
 Laser Doppler anemometer Not necessary
 Force measurement cells Before and after measurement
Brooks mass flow controllers Factory calibration
 Flame ionization detector (FID) Before and also during every measurement
Analogue I/O data acquisition devices Factory calibration


Data processing, analysis, visualization


Usually for data processing MS Excel, National Instruments Labview and Tecplot 360 are used. It makes it possible to visualize the measurement results on the same figure with other result (e.g. from numeric simulation). It is possible to video record measurements on demand. Report is taken of the measurement in printed and digital form; on demand also electronical presentation can be produced.




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