Flow Visualization

Besides the measurement of physical parameters, it is an important part of flow investigation to visualize the flow, which helps to understand the flow mechanisms. There are several methods for this; in the laboratory the followings are used:


Flow visualization with oil fog and laser sheet


Oil fog streams are injected to the flow and lighted with conventional light or laser sheet.

Flow visualization with oil smoke around a bridge model Laser sheet visualization of vortex behind a terminal building


Sand erosion

The investigated model’s surface is painted black and scattered with white sand. The sand is eroded by the wind with different velocities, and black spots are left. By the help of pictures taken of it intensity-pictures can be created typical of the local wind circumstances.

Other methods already tested by the laboratory:

  • Visualization of surface streamlines with dye and paraffin mixture

  • Visualization of streamlines by “smoke wire” technique





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