Velocity Measurement


The reference wind velocity of the wind tunnel is defined by standard Pitot-static tubes (also called Prandtl), placed in the selected reference points.

Hot Wire Anemometry (CTA)


In case high spatial definition and time resolution is needed, a DISA (Dantec) CTA system is used, which can define 2 components at a time, with one or two-component probes on demand. Some 10 kHz time resolution can be reached. The measuring error is between 1-4 %, depending on calibration and the circumstances of the measurement.

two-component hot wire probe

Laser Doppler Anemometer (LDA)


The laboratory has an ILA fp50fus, one component, non-direction-sensitive laser Doppler anemometer system (0.2% FS). The focal length of the laser optics can be 250 or 400 mm, measurement range is around 0-50 m/s. The particles required for the measurement, which should be injected in the flow, are produced by a SAFEX oil steam generator. Since the LDA needs no regular calibration, the system can be used to calibrate anemometers.

LDA anemometer during calibration




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