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This wind tunnel was built between 1934 and 1938, according to the plans of DVL (German Aeronautics Centre: Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt). It is a Göttingen-type wind tunnel with open test section, which is circular with a diameter of 2.6 m in cross section. The maximum wind velocity is 220 km/h. Above the test section there is an aerodynamic balance, which can measure the 6 force and momentum components that effect the models placed in test section.


A flat sheet and a revolving table are built in the test section so as to make it possible to investigate atmospheric or building flow or pollutant transport. Modelling of atmospheric boundary layer is possible with a variable grid of horizontal bars placed in the nozzle of the wind tunnel and with roughness elements fixed on the sheet.


A 3 component probe-moving device is under development, which would make it possible to move hot wire sensors, LDA optics, gas sampler rakes and cameras.



3D model of the great horizontal wind tunnel





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