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Deadlines of the BSc report upload Downloads
Measurement date Deadline List of the lab report requirements
2021. 10. 25. - 10. 31. 2021. 11. 07. 23:59 Pre-measurement class slides (BSc)
2021. 11. 08. - 11. 14. 2021. 11. 21. 23:59 Measurement syllabuses (BSc)
Measurement assignments (BSc)
Measurement videos (BSc)
Learning materials (BSc)
Report upload (Moodle)
Learning materials in german (BSc)
Flow Measurement syllabuses (MSc)
Flow Measurement pre-measurement slides (MSc)
Laboratory evaluation control (BSc) Measurement responsible (BSc)
M01: The investigation of the drag coefficient of bluff bodies M01: István DÁNIEL
M02: Investigation of a free jet M02: János LELKES
M03: Measurement of aerodynamic forces acting on a cylinder in a closed duct M03: Eszter LUKÁCS
M04: Measurement of the drag forces acting on a body in a NPL type windtunnel M04: Balázs HAVASI-TÓTH
M05: Analysis of a radial jet M05: Bálint PAPP
M07: Investigation of the loss coefficient and the flow field of an elbow M07: Dr. Viktor SZENTE
M08: Examination of the loss of various types of butterfly-valves M08: Balázs FARKAS
M09: Measuring the characteristics of the diffuser M09: Gábor DAKU
M10: Experimental investigation of Borda-Carnot and diffuser geometry M10: Esztella BALLA
M11: Examination of flow around bodies M11: Bálint KOCSIS
M12: Investigation of a radial fan M12: Bálint LENDVAI
M13: Measurement of sheet diffuser properties M13: Márton KOREN