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péntek, 14 február 2014


Our team  succeeded to design and build two new small-test section wind tunnels, intended mainly for educational use.

These two small test section wind tunnels were designed and built between 2011 - 2014 by the staff and students of the Department of Fluid Mechanics.  Significant contributions were provided by the Student Associations of Polymer Technology, Welding, Mechatronics and Fluid Dynamics.

The wind tunnels are built of modules, so test section and contractions can be changed in minutes. Test section sizes are 0.35 x 0.35m, 0.15 x 1m (for the study of 2D flows), and 0.5 x 0.4m (planned). Peak wind speed is 24 m/s. In the future automatic, and remote controlled measurement capabilities are planned, made possible by the modern frequency drive of the motor.

blackbird_foto blackbird 2

The wind tunnels are going to be used in the MSc education courses. Planned measurements are:

  • drag and lift force acting on simple bodies
  • study of vehicle model with moving terrain simulation
  • investigation of ground effect with moving terrain simulation

In the 2D test section:

  • investigation of airfoils, flaps, flow control of airfoils
  • static and dynamic testing of bridge segment models
  • 2D blade row test rig
  • Magnus-effect / Flettner rotor test rig


arrangement hotwire measurement

We wish to thank the following institutions of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics for their kind support: Department of Polymer Engineering, University Student Association, Mechanical Engineering Faculty Student Association, Mechanical Engineering Special College, as well as to the following companies: Budapest Sewage Works pte Ltd, Kraft-Foods Hungária Ltd and Kamleithner Budapest Ltd, NFT GVOP-3.1.1.-2004-05-0202/3.0. project.



A poster from the wind tunnel is available here:

icon Feketerigó - kis nyomóüzemû szélcsatorna poszter (4.69 MB) 





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