Pressure Measurement

Capacitive Setra 237 (0.35% FS) and Setra 239 (0.14 %FS) type static and piezoresistive Endevco 8507C-2 (1 % FS) dynamic pressure transducers are used to measure the pressure on the surface of the bodies placed in the flow. The latter is suitable to measure high frequency (fmax=20000 Hz) pressure fluctuation.

Endevco dinamic pressure transducer with  signal conditioning unit  

If the pressure must be defined in many points, e.g. on the surface of a building, it is possible to measure the pressure successively in 188 points with a single transducer and a pressure switching unit connected before it. The switching unit is computer controlled, it consists of 4 48-channel Scanivalve unit.

Scanivalve pressure switching units built in a building model 


For the definition of the airflow’s density, which is necessary to measure the local pressure, Setra 470 barometric pressure transducer is used. ( Click here to see the actual barometric pressure.) The temperature of the airflow is measured by a Pt 100 probe (0.2 ˚C) integrated in the inner surface of the wind tunnel.

Setra 470 barometer




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